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The Church of Global Warming

Just when we were about to give up, thinking that the holidays had stifled the energy thinkers, this new piece arrived in CARE’s in-box. You see it had been a couple of weeks since we had received something fresh and new, something to get our collective blood pumping. Fortunately, we had not given up—and we will not (that comment was in jest). If we had, you might have missed out on this priceless gem of commentary Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler on Friday, 7 December 2007 . We have previously posted one of his other articles, which if you have not read it, you should go back and review. This one is classic. We think you’ll laugh out loud and then want to pass it on to everyone you know. If you agree and like it, please let us know. If you hate it and think we are totally off base, please tell us why.

A Religion Far More Dangerous that Romney's
Most religions contain beliefs and practices than adherents of other religions consider off-the-wall weird. But no matter how strange stuff like wearing sacred underwear may seem to some (there's actually an official site explaining it: Mormon Underwear), it's very hard to see how the religion of Mormonism is dangerous to our national security.

Mitt Romney's speech yesterday (12/06) should dispel any real concern that his faith somehow disqualifies him for the presidency. I encourage you to read his speech entire, for it's impressive.

Yet there is a religion that is in fact a grave danger to America, and believing in it should disqualify anyone aspiring to the presidency. It's not an alien faith of foreign invention like Islam, but homegrown, originating right here in the US. Among the members of its church are many of our country's most prominent citizens, including several presidential candidates.

I refer, of course, to the Church of Global Warming.

We've gone over the scientific lunacy of the glowarmers.[1] What needs to be understood is how this Liberal Religion, believed in with all the fanatical passion of true religious zealotry, is so gravely dangerous to America's national security.

Let's take a look, for example, at the deep connection between the threat of "Sharia finance," discussed this week by Frank Gaffney in The Islamofascists' Trillion Dollar Trojan Horse, and glowarm alarmism.

Where do Moslems get a trillion dollars with which to Islamacize our financial institutions? Oil.

Or just how did Vladimir Putin become The World's Richest and Most Dangerous Gangster, enabling Russia to restart the Cold War and become once again a threat to the West? Oil and natural gas.

Or what gives the world's most obnoxious thug, Hugo Chavez, the wherewithal to be Fidel Castro on steroids? Oil.

We import their oil and we give them the money affording them to become our enemies.

So what would any sane rational politician advocate as an energy policy regarding national security? Obviously it would be to promote the increase of domestic oil production, and that of its effective substitutes, coal and natural gas.

And that is precisely what the Democrats in Congress, as members of the Church of Global Warming, are hysterically, fanatically in a true religious sense, opposed to.

Yesterday (12/06), the House passed what its sponsors call the Energy Independence and Security Act by vote of 235-181 (221 Dems/14 Reps yes, 174 Reps/7 Dems no). Its title could not be more Orwellian, the exact opposite of what it claims to be. There is absolutely nothing in the bill to promote the increase of domestic energy production.

Day before yesterday (12/05), the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee rejected the Vitter Amendment, the stated purpose of which is "To reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil by permitting, under certain circumstances, the exploration for natural gas off the coast of certain states."

The bill points out that the US Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) "has enough natural gas to heat 100 million homes for 60 years, and enough oil to drive 85 million cars for 35 years," yet Congress will not permit its extraction.

Just think of how many hundreds of billions of dollars wouldn't go to the Islamofascists, Putins, and Chavezes of the world if Congress lifted its prohibition.

All 10 Democrats on the committee voted against doing so. Of the 9 Republicans, 8 were for it, with 1 (John Warner) voting "present."

In that same E&PW committee meeting, a vote was taken to approve a bill to set caps on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from electric utility, transportation and manufacturing industries (all Dems+Warner for, 8 Reps against). There simply can not be a more pathological attempt to destroy the American economy than this.

The timing of the vote was to put pressure on the Bush Administration to capitulate to the demands being made right now at the orgy of America-bashing taking place in Bali, Indonesia.

189 countries, including our former friend Australia (now run by glowarmer fanatic Kevin Rudd), are ganging up on us, demanding we castrate our own economy with "mandatory" greenhouse gas cuts.

To his great courageous credit, George Bush instructed his Senior Climate Negotiator, Harlan Watson, to tell the glowarmers in Bali to fugettaboutit. Thanks for sharing is Watson's response.

Yet this is just a holding action, playing defense. And we're not going to have Bush to play even defense for much longer.

The only hope is to have someone in the White House 13 months from now who isn't a member of the Church of Global Warming, understands how dangerous their religion is to our economy and national security, and has the moxie to call for more, lots more coal, oil, and gas production in the US, not less.

Well, that lets McCain and Huckabee out - both card-carrying members of the CoGW.

Fred Thompson? Mr. "Climate change is real"? Rudy Giuliani? Mr. "I do believe there's global warming"?

Nonetheless, Rudy is quoted as saying:"

America has more coal reserves than Saudi Arabia has oil reserves. Aren't we safer and better off relying on our own coal reserves than on a part of the world that is a threat to us?"

And Mitt? While he seems to buy into the ethanol scam (need the votes of those corn farmers in Iowa), he asserts:

"I believe we have to be developing more energy sources ourselves, which would include offshore drilling and drilling in ANWR, nuclear power, biodiesel, biofuel, ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, probably liquefied coal. We have enormous supplies of coal."

But what is not needed is what media reports say both Romney and Giuliani advocate: "an effort to make the United States energy independent that will be on the scale of putting a man on the Moon or the race to build an atomic bomb."

Great. Another gigantic government mega-project. What is needed is to get the government out of the way, and let domestic energy producers get the stuff out of the ground or off our shores that we need to run and expand our economy.

What is needed most of all is to expose the Democrat presidential candidates and the leaders of the Democrat Party as glowarmer religious kooks. The closest any of our guys have come is for Ron Paul to denounce global warming alarmism in general as "fearmongering," and Tom Tancredo to answer, when asked what was the last fiction book he's read, "Algore's An Inconvenient Truth."

Only when Americans realize that the most dangerous religion in America is the Church of Global Warming, and that the real Church-State issue is the attempt by the Church's high priests in the Democrat Party to impose their religion upon us all by government force and guns, will we be able to protect ourselves from Islamofascist crazies and other global thugs.

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler

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