Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Energy Under Attack

Happy New Year from CARE! With the new year upon us, we at CARE want to introduce you to a new concept.

If you have been following our postings, we hope you have come to believe—as we do—that energy is under attack. Not just the energy industry, energy itself. While we had a gut feeling about this attack, it was confirmed for us when we completed the first draft of our Environmental Utopia Analysis last summer. Around the same time rumors began to surface about collaboration between numerous extreme environmental groups. Since then validation has been received through a secret document given to an industry source that bears out our suspicions. There is a coalition with a multi-year plan targeting the goal of eliminating oil and gas production in America. They are using the PC view of global warming and environmental protection to push through government regulation that makes energy production harder and more costly. This campaign is called NoDOG—which stands for No Dirty Oil and Gas. You will hear more about this effort here and through the CARE newsletter: The PowerLine.

Just this last weekend a major publication featured an article that we believe is a part of the energy killers’ efforts. Typically, we post the complete articles we reference here in the CARE Blog for those who print them out and pass them around. However, we do not have permission to post this piece. So, in breaking with tradition, we offer you this link. Please check it out and come back and tell us what you think.

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